De-Lidder lit remover - Midas Technology

De-Lidders removes the lids from hermetically sealed packages for rework, quality control and fault analysis. It´s patented double helix cemented carbide tool cuts the outside of the welded edge of the lid flange, releasing the lid and leaving a resealable surface. The system protects the capsule from particles, vibration and dimensional changes, so that lids can easily be removed several times. Can be used for round, rectangular and square capsules.

De-Lidder model D5F8

The D5F8 de-lidder ™ is larger than the standard D5L6 (DL-4A size) model, so it can handle oversized modules as well as all smaller capsules such as) regular rectangular butterfly and DIP capsules that can be secured with the lid flat on the work surface. The D5F8 also has features to safely handle connected optical fibers.

De-Lidder model D5F

The D5F6 and D5F8 parts are designed for straight packages with attached optical fibers. Just like with our D5L models. The parts are usually placed "lid-down" on the work surface clamped with torque limited screws. D5Fs have "fiber friendly" features developed in collaboration with the best optical manufacturers.

De-Lidder model D5L

Both D5 de-lidder ™ models are module designed and extensible for oversized capsules, maintenance-friendly and certifiable according to contemporary global standards. The chassis is significantly stiffer and more stable than our DL4 and earlier models thanks to a collaborative structure and upgraded fasteners.

De-Lidder model D5R3

D5R3 (rotary) de-lidder ™ only works with round capsules. Our Kovar optimized fine-grained cemented carbide tools mill through the lid while the canister rotates on a motorized precision disc. The width is adjusted by moving the disc towards or away from the milling tool. The cutting depth is adjusted by raising or lowering the milling tool.