Test, Repair and Inspection

Pulltester & Sheartester

Possible to perform automatic pull- and sheartest.
Resultscan be stored in a database for statistical processing

  • Complete analysis data
  • Network Compatible
  • Cost-effective machine that combines wire bonding and testing.

5600C - Automatic Pulltester & Sheartester

System with PRU system for fully automatic pull- and sheartest. Can be used for all types of bonding applications.

LAB-Tester 101

Manual Pulltester


Inspection for bondning

A cost-effective way to get 100% control of your die- and wire-bonded parts without any extra floor space and maximizing the yield.

  • In line eller freestanding
  • Can inspect chip placement adn scratches on chips
  • Can inspect loop height, wire lenght, tail length and deformation of wire. 
  • Movements in all axes x, y och z

PBI pre-inspection and zero defect

Measurement parameters such as bond symmetry, bond width, tail length, loop height, loop swing and bond release. Reduces the number of incorrect parts and strives for zero defects in production with the help of BPI pre-inspection.

Hot gas workstation

Reciprocating station for rapid chip removal to minimize thermal shock and physical damage to the card.

  • Vacuum-locked and air-carrying trolley included x-positioning joint screw
  • Quick replacement of quartz glass nozzles with built-in thermocouple. Available in straight, angled and shaped models. Openings 0.020 "-0.240" +
  • Every single beam can be rotated
  • Leica stereozoom, 10x eyepiece

HGRS-V reworks today's high-quality epoxy, solder and eutectic bonds with the highest degree of security required in US Mil processes. Call us for a detailed review of the machine and your application.

MVP Automated Optical Inspection systems

Wire och chip inspection system

A new control system for the elimination of faults in production. The 850 system contains a number of advanced solutions in optics and handling. It includes solutions to enable maximum investigation of defects and performance of Lead-Frame, chip and wire. The machine also allows many material handling.

  • Thinwire bonding
  • Studbumping
  • Heavy wirebonding, Die placement och surface
  • SMD components

Wire och chip inspection system -850G