Wire bonding is a method of making contact between a microchip and other electronics as part of semiconductor devices and similar manufacturing. Wire diameters start at 15 µm up to 600 µm for powerful applications, e.g. car electronics etc. Regardless of the type of bonding, the wire is connected at both ends with some combination of heat, pressure and ultrasonic energy to make a weld.

Wire bonding is generally considered the most cost-effective and flexible connection technology, and is used in most semiconductor applications.

F&K Delvotec and F&S Bondtec is the only manufacturer that supplies machines that cover the full range of wire bonding techniques: gold ball bonding, gold ball bumping, wedge bonding for thin gold wire, aluminum wire and ribbon, wedge bonding for power units with thick aluminum wire. There are a number of variations within these categories, e.g. bond heads for high frequency components or ribbon bonding. The base for all machines is identical, only the bond head is different.