Automatic & Semi automatic Die Bonders - Tresky

Tresky has developed the 2nd generation of semi-automatic / automated die bonders. These machines are ideal for small to large production volumes. The machine is built to fit the customer's applications.

  • Linear motors for high accuracy
  • Waferstation, tape feeders
  • Pick & place, with both dispensing and stamping
  • Picking from wafer, waffle and gel pack
  • Flip-chipcamera
  • Pattern Recognition System
  • Automatic toolchange
  • Singel- och multi chip applications
  • Scrubbing and Eutectics soldering with protective gas

T-6000 L/G - Flexible High Precision Automated Die bonder

The new T-6000 is a universal die bonder developed specifically for small and medium production volumes as well as development. Standard component management is done from Wafer, Gel-Pack or Waffle-Pack. Location accuracy 10 µm. In addition to the automatic mounting and the Pattern Recognition camera, the T-6000 allows you to manually perform single mountings without the need for complex programming through simple press-release technology.

T-8000 Fully - automated Die bonder

The T-8000 is a universal die bonder developed specifically for extreme precision, placement accuracy of 5 µm, for medium-sized production volumes and development. 12 "wafer handling and even larger work area 500x450mm, otherwise the same applications and options as the T-6000 system.