Manual Wirebonder - F&S Bondtec

The 53xx series has upgraded to motorized movement in Z and Y, which makes it possible to control the loop shape very well.

  • Motorized movement in Z and Y 
  • Touchdown sensor
  • Internal PC
  • Network compatable
  • Ball-Wedge bondhead
  • Deep access bondhead
  • Wedge-Wedge bondhead
  • Heavy wire bondhead
  • Diebonder

5380 - Manual Die-Bonder

Our popular wire bonder 53XX BDA was already versatile and extremely easy to convert between wedge and ball bonding. Now a third feature is added: 53XX BDA is also capable of die bonding.

5350 - Manual Heavy wire bonder

A heavy wire bonder for wire thickness 100-500µm, suitable for all different types of applications in combination with a fully programmable, linear Z-axis with 60mm stroke with a motorized Y-axis of 4mm range. Together, it allows the operator to produce loops of any size and shape. Y axis movement allows perfect reproducible tails on the threads when tearing occurs automatically.

5350HR - Manual Heavy ribbon wire bonder

53xxBDA - Deep-Access & Ball-wedge bonder

Ball + Deep access Wedgebonder. The customer can use it as a Ballbonder and DA Ribbonbonder because of the simple change of bonding tools.

5330 - Wedge-wedge Wirebonder

A manual Wedge-Wedge-Bonder suitable for creating different types of loops with the manipulator system. Minimal operator training makes this desk model ideal for prototypes and small-scale productions.

5310 - Ball-wedge Bonder

Simplicity and flexibility combined with a modern economic package. The perfect choice for prototypes and small-scale productions.