Hermetic sealing - Miyachi Unitek Benchmark Division

Hermetic sealing: Used to weld metal, ceramic metal, square packs or rectangular shapes. Commonly used materials are hives

Projection welding: Welding of TO and other round covers

SM8500, Parallel Seam Sealing System

The Windows-based SM8500 is effective for both production and research and applications for linear, rectangular or round machining.

Pulsar Series RP3000 Rotary welder, Projection welder

Rotating system for a high production volume. The pulsar series can easily be integrated into chambers to ensure the best possible hermetic seal.

Atmospheric chamber, generation 5

Intelligent configurable design with powerful Windows-based software provides absolute environmental and process control for a wide range of enclosure applications.

Atmospheric chamber, Generation 3

The most advanced chamber in the market

Atmospheric chamber, Generation 2

Several ovens in varying shapes and capacities for additional chambers, closed-loop water cooling, automated management system, several different environmental monitors and control systems.

Atmospheric chamber, Alpha Series Glovebox Systems

The famous Alpha Series Atmospheric Boxes provides compact and efficient environmental control platforms with excellent price versus performance. The Alpha series is excellent for production as well as research and development applications.