Laser Marking - Amada Weld Tech

Laser marking is a clean, fast and contact-free process that relies on the intense heat of a focused laser beam to permanently mark the surface. The marking can take many forms such as black char, bleaching or changing the color of the material, physical change of surface, controlled change of the surface through melting or a combination of these processes.

The type of marking you want to achieve depends on the characteristics of the laser and the material. High peak effect for engraving, while the wavelength determines what type of interaction with the material one gets. Above 700 nm, there is mainly thermal interaction. At lower wavelengths like 532 nm and 355 nm, the frequency has doubled and tripled, causing a photochemical reaction. The marking itself may consist of alphanumeric characters, barcodes, 2D-ID Matrix, serial numbers, logos and graphics applied to metals, semiconductors, plastics, ceramics and other materials. In some cases, the trademarks must be visible and have a high graphic quality and in other cases the labeling must be in hidden places where microscopes must be used to see the marking.

Fiber Laser  Marker ML-73D

Miyachi new ML-73D Series Yb: fiber laser markers are designed for high speed laser marking, laser engraving and laser ablation which gives a high contrast marking on both plastic and metals.

• Larger Q switch range 2 - 500 kHz provides high speed and high quality marking of steel and plastic.
• User friendly software
• Full integration flexibility with PC, touch screen, standalone through I / O control or remote programming and LAN connection.
• Integrated motioncontrol for XYZ and rotation.
• Pilot Laser in class 1
• Low cost of ownership

Laser Marker Work Station LMWS Series

Amada Miyachi LMWS Series Laser Marking Systems are designed to meet the demands of many production environments and applications. Programming is easy with the help of easy-to-use software.

The integrated ML-73D series marker has the ability to mark small enough to make markings almost invisible to the naked eye. Short pulse width and high repetition frequency make the laser ideal for labeling heat sensitive material such as plastic. The laser tag can be controlled via a simple touch screen or an easy to use Windows based system.

ML-7111A Laser Marker

Amada Miyachi manufactures a variety of diode-pumped lasers. ML-7111A is the first model available in Europe. These super compact Nd: YVO4 laser markers operate on 220V single phase and are air cooled. Due to its small size, it can advantageously be integrated into existing machines or production lines. The ML-7111A laser consists of a very compact laser head, power supply, robust programmable (POD) or PC. The power supply and the laser head are both air-cooled, which provides greater reliability and reduced maintenance. The unit can be fully operated from an industrial POD with touch screen or a standalone PC.

• Very compact and robust design
• Air cooled, operates on 220V single phase
• Easily replaceable diode module
• Can mark patterns stored on memory cards.
• Extremely well suited for integration into automated production lines
• Very stable at high pulse frequencies (up to 99 kHz)
• High resolution, concentrated beam point
• Come with Windows software