Waferbondning - For high reliability

3180/3190 - Waferbonders

Models 3180 and 3190 from SST International are programmable wafer bonders for high reliable bonding of silicon, gallium arsenide and glass wafers up to 150mm in diameter.

Both systems provide precise automatic control of heat and cooling at temperatures up to 500 ° C (1000 ° C as an option). Mechanical bond force up to 340 kg (2270 as Vacuum levels down to 50 millitorr with 3180 through a two-stage mechanical pump. Vacuum levels below 1x10-6 dry with 3190 through cryogenic vacuum pump combined with a dry mechanical for pump. Vacuum levels are measured digitally to monitor and control vacuum levels. Machine control is done with a built-in control system in the Microsoft Windows environment. An unlimited number of process profiles can easily be created and stored in the controller. Process data is saved for quality control and off-line analysis of data. Internet and intranet network connectivity are available as alternatives that enable remote monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Typical applications:
• Silicone for Glass wafer bonding
• Anodic Wafer Bonding
• Eutectic Wafer Bonding
• MEMS Wafer Bonding
• Pressure sensor bonding
• High temperature / Pressure glass flow