Vacuum ovens - SST International

Pressure and vaccum under a controlled heat profile allow you to solder e.g. preforms in AgSn virtually void-free. For high-tech use where thermal properties are important.

1200 -  Benchtop re-soldering station

Ideal for low volume, canned closure of capsules, eutectic disassembly, process development and university research.

3130 - Vacuum/Pressure oven

Industry standard for flux-free, void-free soldering of hybrids, fiber-optic capsules, power units, BGA units, as well as high-temperature glass closure and high-temperature soldering processes.

3140/3150 - High Vacuum Oven

High Vacuum thermal treatment ovens used in sealing MEMS capsules, goat activation and low moisture hermetic capsules.

5100 - Vacuum/Pressurized oven

Large programmable vacuum oven that is perfect for producing large volumes of microelectronic components and capsules.

PF-2400 -  High volum production oven

Designed for high volume, void-free vacuum brazing of e.g. High Power, large hybrid modules and BGA panels.